We help our agents succeed financially!! No financial roller coaster rides!!!

When should I consider taking a commission advance?

Agents who are experiencing cash-flow challenges whether it be getting started in the field or just trying to overcome a unexpected financial hardship. We do this without running credit checks.

Who is eligible for commission advances?

Licensees who are licensed with the real estate commission under Erica Homes, LLC

What is the maximum amount you will advance?

The maximum amount we will advance is $10,000.

How do you pay my advance to me?

We will deposit your advance directly into your bank account- same day, next day,or 3 day

What types of contracts qualify for a commission advance?

Commissions from the sale of single-family residential properties, including town homes qualify for a commission advance.

Do you do credit checks?

No, we do not perform credit checks.

Can I have multiple advances at the same time?

Yes, as long as you do not exceed the advance limit of $10,000 and meet the requirements outlined in the contract, you may take more than one advance at a time.

Do you advance on short sales?

Yes, when the lender has approved the short sale in writing.ad this to agnet recruitment page

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