About Us

Erica Homes, LLC is an established and top ranked real estate company in the Carolinas that is a client based organization. We are often asked our BIG WHY and the answer is simple….PEOPLE!! People are a commodity today just as sugar was prior to the end of the medieval period. The goal is to always express our passion for real estate through our group of experienced & creative agents whose first priority is the client.

Our broker/ owner, who is a former educator understands the value of being a life- long learner and has instilled in all of her agents to learn something new daily to stay ahead of the curve in this forever changing real estate market. Therefore, you know when you are working with an Erica Homes agent then you are working with an industry expert that is highly dedicated to ensure that every client will be served with excellence and have their needs fully accommodated.

Ms. Simpson coined the slogan “Let Us Do Your HOMEwork” and implemented a new grade for real estate…….

CFL –Creating Clients For Life through nurturing our relationships and  innovative thinking!


Problem Resolution

     There is a solution to every problem. Erica Homes leaves no stones unturned and no avenues unexplored.


Fear is stored in the basement while courage sits on the rooftop.


Reading can be fundamental in other arenas but listening for understanding and not to reply is paramount in our business


Why Erica Homes, LLC??

It is also the best place for those who want to sell their property and obtain the maximum price available with minimum out of pocket expenses. Our agents will market their property, find potential buyers, complete the negotiations process and get them to SOLD.

The company has an inventory of valuable real estate available as well as multiple database access to listings throughout North and South Carolina.

Who are our clients?

There are many reasons why Erica Homes LLC is the perfect place for ANYONE!! We assist various types of sellers to get a property from pre- marketing to sold. It doesn’t matter is you want to move across town or across the nation, a bank that needs to unload inventory(foreclosures), a distressed seller that needs mortgage relief and relocation assistance. We are in the business of helping people.

Our services also extend to various buyers such as investors, first time buyers and move up buyers who maybe purchasing their 2 or 5th home. We are here to help.


ALWAYS put people first and the money will follow!!!

Erica Homes, LLC


(P) 803-712-4194

(T) 704-209-SOLD

(F) 803-656-9899


3031 Scotsman Rd. Columbia, SC 29223

(P) 866-746-1196 Toll Free

1171 Market St Suite 213 Fort Mill, SC 29708

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